Friday Sermon (2-3-2016) Shaikh Abdool Hamid - What’s Next?

February 3, 2017

Shaikh Abdool Hamid reflects on the Quebec tragedy and shares how we as Muslims should overcome and react to this as The Prophet ﷺ  overcame tragedies at his time.  

Friday Sermon (12-2-2016) Shaikh Abdool Hamid - He Frowned and Turned Away

December 2, 2016

This khutbah was in recognition of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Shaikh Abdool Hamid discusses how the Prophet (S) empowered Abdullah Ibn Ummi Makhtoum although he was a blind Sahabi.
The tafsir of Surah Abasa is discussed.

Friday Sermon (10-7-2016) Shaikh Abdool Hamid - The Quest for Freedom & The Search for Happiness

October 7, 2016
Prophet Musa (AS) and Bani Israel's quest for freedom and their search for happiness